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Green Thinking

Our environmental pledge

We set ourselves very strict guidelines, and in the majority of cases these exceed statutory regulations. This environmentally friendly approach is adhered to throught the entire design and manufacturing process. Wherever possible we use recyclable plastics, and label all plastic parts so they can be easily sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We make considerable energy savings through heat recovery and energy supplied on demand and we avoid harmful emissions and effluents by using effective filtering and purification systems. You can rest assured that when we are developing new appliances to give you maximum performance and maximum freedom we are both keeping pace with your demands and meeting our principles of protecting the environment.

Energy efficiency labelling scheme

To help you choose the most energy efficient appliances, the EU has introduced an energy-rating scheme and all appliances must display an EU Energy Label. The most efficient rating is 'A' and the least efficient is 'G'. All Bosch washing machines and dishwashers have an A rating for wash performance, and all Bosch washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers are rated A for energy efficiency.

Our at-a-glance icons tell you how our appliances are rated within the EU energy efficiency scheme.Energy efficiency labelling
A++ energy rating
Many of our refrigeration models have an A+ rating, meaning that they use over 25% less energy than equivalent A-rated products. In fact, two of our products are so energy efficient that they have been awarded an A++ rating.A++ and A+ energy efficiency class labels
10%, 20%, 40% better than A-rated energy efficiency
Many of our laundry products are so energy efficient that as far as the EU energy labelling scheme is concerned, they are simply off the scale. All our washing machines use either 10% or 20% less energy than required for an A energy rating, and our new EcoLogixx 7 tumble dryer uses an incredible 40% less energy than a standard A-rated model.10%, 20% or 40% better than A energy efficiency class

Green Technology inside

Look out for this new Bosch energy efficiency symbol as it is there to help identify our most energy efficient models.
Green Technology inside label
Energy savings recommended
This Energy Saving Trust initiative is backed by the UK government. This logo is only found on products that have been carefully selected for their energy efficiency. Buy where you see the sign and help save energy, money and the environment.Energy Saving Trust label

Fridges and freezers
Have you ever thought how much energy your fridge and freezer consume? Running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they never stop using power. Bosch refrigeration products are among the most energy efficient available. In fact, our most energy efficient machines use at least 25% less energy than other A rated products, some up to 50% less. That's good for the planet, and good for your pocket. In fact, for each model listed, we have indicated the likely running cost based on an average 12p kWh so that you can see how much money you can save by choosing Bosch over a less energy-efficient brand. Of course, all our refrigeration products are completely CFC and HFC free - gases that cause lasting damage to the earth's ozone layer.

GSN40A31 white freezerLogixx 185cm frost-free freezer
GSN40A31 white
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KSR34V02 white fridgeExxcel 171cm fridge
KSR34V02 white
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A++ energy efficiency class and Green Technology insideA+ energy efficiency class and Green Technology inside

Washing machines and tumble dryers
As our washing machines become ever more energy-efficient, their washing performance just keeps improving, thanks to intelligent technology. All our machines automatically adjust the amount of water and electricity needed for each wash keeping usage to a minimum and most of our dryers can assess temperature differences helping to ensure no energy is wasted on already dry clothes. Our new EcoLogixx 7 tumble dryer is a marvel of energy-saving technologies. It actually uses 40% less energy than is required for an A energy efficiency rating.

WTW84560GB white dryerEcoLogixx 7 condenser dryer
WTW84560GB white
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WAS28769GB white washing machineLogixx 8 1400 washing machine
WAS28769GB white
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40% more efficient than energy class A and Green Technology inside20% more efficient than energy class A and Green Technology inside

ActiveWater label


Many people are surprised to hear that you use a lot more water washing up by hand than a dishwasher uses. The new Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers are the most economical in the world*, because they get more out of every drop of water, and so make a particularly effective contribution to environmental protection. Bosch Logixx ActiveWater dishwashers use as little as 10 litres of water per wash, compared to an average of 50 litres required to wash a similar load by hand. Our state-of-the-art energy saving technologies ensure that our dishwashers only use the exact amount of water and heat required, which means that a Bosch Logixx ActiveWater dishwasher will save you, and the environment, about 11,000 litres of water and over 700kWh of electricity annually.

SMS69L02GB white dishwasherLogixx 60cm 6 programme dishwasher
SMS69L02UK white
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SMS53L02GB white dishwasherLogixx 60cm 5 programme dishwasher
SMS53L02GB white
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Energy efficiency class A with the Energy Saving Trust stampEnergy efficiency class A with the Energy Saving Trust stamp


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