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Let Karl, the Bosch engineer explain the quiet life.

Enjoy the quiet life.

We believe home appliances should be seen and not heard, so we’ve invented a range of high performance, ultra quiet products that won’t disturb your life. Fantastisch.

Bosch White Silent Dishwasher with Headphones

Dishhhh... washer.

Only 38 decibels.

Did you know a rainstorm could be as loud as 48 decibels? Our ActiveWater dishwasher is not only one of the quietest appliances on the market at 38 decibels, it also delivers optimal cleaning results effortlessly.

Available on the following dishwashers:

Bosch White Silent Washing Machine with Headphones

Washhhh... ing machines.

Only 49 decibels.

On average, the sound of the sea is 55 decibels. At only 49 - 52 decibels*, our ultra quiet washing machines give you lots of innovation instead of lots of noise.
(*for the normal wash cycle, spin cycle 71 decibels)

Available on the following washing machines:


Bosch White Silent Tumble Dryer with Headphones

Tumble dryers.

From 64 decibels.

The singing of a nightingale reaches up to 78 decibels. Our ultra quiet range of tumble dryers operate between 64 – 65 decibels, plus our Home Professional tumble dryer even has an A++ energy efficiency rating, making it one of the quietest and most efficient dryers on the market.

Available on the following tumble dryers:



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