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Simple, safe, stylish ovens

Simple safe stylish ovens

Our ovens are incredibly easy to use and maintain. Pyrolytic self-cleaning makes cleaning the oven a pleasure instead of a chore. They are extremely safe with double or triple glazed doors and a safety lock that disables all functions. For extra piece of mind our electronic models also feature automatic switch off.

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Pyrolytic self cleaning ovens

Pyrolytic self-cleaning system

The ultimate in self-cleaning power and convenience. During the pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle, the oven is heated to around 480°C, at this temperature any deposits are quickly reduced to a thin layer of ash, which can then be simply wiped away with a damp cloth to leave a completely clean oven.
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Oxylytic self-cleaning programme

This oven cleaning function is highly effective and simple to use. Simply turn the dial to select the clean function and then choose from the three different cleaning cycles depending on how dirty the Oxylytic liners are: Level 1 = 45 minutes, Level 2 = 1 hour, Level 3 = 1 hour 15 minutes. Available on the HBM56B550B only.
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Catalytic liners

Catalytic liners help to reduce the amount of manual oven cleaning. The liners gather grease and dirt, which is then burnt off or oxidised when the oven heats up to around 210°C. Over time grease and fat can build-up making it necessary for you to clean or replace the liners to ensure good performance.

Automatic switch off (electronic ovens)

For extra peace of mind, if left unattended, the electronic oven will switch off after a specific period of time. This additional safety feature is only available on electronic models. This can be over-ridden simply by periodically adjusting the temperature.
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