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Superb vacuum cleaner power

Bagless vacuum cleaner with RobustAir system

The secret behind maximum airflow is the RobustAir™ system. We have optimised the components that determine the performance of a bagless vacuum cleaner to give you superb vacuum cleaner power.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

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SensorBagless Technology

SensorBagless™ technology

For perfect vacuum cleaner power, filters need to be clean. The Bosch GS-60 range constantly measures air flow and indicates that the RotationClean™ System needs to be activated.

Large diameters

The large diameters throughout the vacuum cleaner have a crucial impact on performance. They allow easy pick up of large types of dirt while also allowing greater air flow, and therefore better vacuum cleaning results.
CleanStream filters

CleanStream® filters

High performance materials, designed by the inventors of Gore-Tex®, ensure maximum cleaning results during the whole life span. This is thanks to a large active filtration surface and high tech material. Clog resistant, durable and HEPA rated, it stops particles at the surface allowing air to flow with maximum power.
Bagless vacuum cleaner dust container

The large 3 litre fully sealed dust container is incredibly easy to maintain. Lift container, remove lid and empty. Its that simple. For extra hygiene the system remains sealed until you reach the bin, and for ease of use the dust container can be rinsed under running water.
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