The new Bosch wine cabinet range.

Wine cabinet
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Built-under wine cooler with two temperature zones and a small minimalist dining room with Scandi-style seating in the background

The time of hiding your wines is over: Our under counter wine cabinet models are here.

The perfect solution to build your own personal wine cellar beneath your kitchen counter: our under counter wine cabinet options, which fit nicely into your cabinet niches.

Model shown: KUW21AHG0G

Explore built-in wine cabinets

Our 5-part wine storage guide.

Of course, wine cabinets are about more than practical dual zone cooling or beautiful oak shelving. It's also essential to know how to use them. We've compiled some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Wine cabinet vs wine fridge.

What's the difference?

Wine cabinets exist for the simple reason that temperature is integral to the wine experience – ask any sommelier and they'll agree. Wine cabinets let you temper your favourite varietals, and bring out their best facets when tasting. Lower your temperature settings just a touch and you can also use wine cabinets for wine storage.

Wine fridges are usually larger, and ideal for long-term storage. Sometimes, however, these two terms are used interchangeably.

Pro tip: Make sure the wine cabinet or fridge that's caught your eye is suitable for both storage and tempering.

Can I store my red wines in a wine cabinet?

In a word: yes. If you are pondering a wine cabinet for red and white wines, look for a dual zone model. This way, you can store reds at a slightly higher temperature, and whites at a slightly lower one. Remember, though, that storage temperatures differ from tasting temperatures.

Pro tip: Reds usually go on the top, since warmer air rises, while your white wines will be stored below.

How to serve wines.

It's all about the temperature.

Besides decanting and aerating, serving wine is all about making sure your favourite bottles are chilled to perfection. Here's the catch: that perfect temperature depends on the varietal.

Fuller bodied reds like cabernets and zinfandels should be served at higher temperatures than lighter reds like pinot noir. Heavier whites like chardonnays fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, followed by lighter whites like rieslings. And with champagnes or sparkling wines the chill is on.

Pro tip: Get a good wine guide that covers the ideal tasting temperatures for all your favourite grapes and enjoy!

Can I store beer in my wine fridge?

Perfect for wine and beer.

Yes, you can absolutely store beer in your wine fridge! Your favourite whites won't mind if they share some space with some light beers while your reds cosy up to fuller bodied stouts or ales.

Pro tip: If you'd like to store beer and wine in your wine cabinet, you might look into one of our larger freestanding wine cabinet models.

What else can I store in my wine fridge?

Brie, delicate fruits and more.

Exciting but true: Your wine fridge can do a lot more than store wines. If your fridge is set to tasting temperatures, you can also use it to store cheeses, sensitive fruits and vegetables (like tomatoes) or other in-between items that don't want to be kept as cold as your fridge but will also spoil quickly at room temperature.

Pro tip: If wine and cheese are on the menu, remember to keep your hard cheeses slightly warmer and your soft cheeses slightly cooler. When it comes time to put them on a platter they'll be ripe for the tasting.

Dual Temperature Zones

Pairs perfectly with whites, reds – and both together.

The new wine cabinet range from Bosch features two different temperature zones. Meaning: you can finally store both your red and your white wines in one place – and experience your wine collection in a whole new way.


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