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Let Karl explain tumble dryers.

Let Karl explain tumble dryersKarl Bosch engineer

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Condenser or vented: which tumble dryer should you choose? Our Bosch Engineer can help you decide.

Karl, the Bosch Engineer, reviews our latest tumble dryers. Our award-winning range of condenser and vented tumble dryers deliver energy efficient performance and are packed with clever German technology to help better care for your clothes without you having to lift a finger.

Karl Bosch explains tumble dryers

Here at Bosch, our range of condenser and vented tumble dryers have been designed to deliver energy efficient performance helping you keep on top of all the laundry needs in your home without sacrificing your green living principles. You can find customer reviews on this website and more information about specific models to help you decide which tumble dryer you really need.

Click on the video below and let Karl explain how the latest Bosch tumble dryers use innovative heat pump technology to reduce the amount of energy they consume and contain an integrated self-cleaning condenser that maintains their optimal energy efficient performance for life. Not only does the self-cleaning condenser save you energy but because it cleans itself that’s one less job for you to worry about.

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Karl Bosch explains tumble dryers

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