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Cleaning and care


Maintenance pack for coffee machines


Replacement of00310772, 00311196, 00311759.

€17.29 In stock In stock

Glass scraper
Glass scraper for ceramic hobs


Replacement of00095598, 00310023, 00310370.

€9.77 In stock In stock

Descaling tablets
Descaling Tablets 36g

00311819 - TCZ8002

Replacement of00576694.

€16.62 In stock In stock

Descaling tablets
For coffee machines, kettles and hot water dispensers


Replacement of00310452, 00310817, 00310967, 00311143.

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Cleaning tablets
Cleaning tablets for coffee machines and coffee centres

00311769 - TCZ8001

Replacement of00310575, 00310655, 00311771.

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Ceramic glass care
Ceramic Hob Maintenance Pack


Replacement of00311139, 00311299, 00311429, 00460740, 00465008.

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Original dustbags

Original dustbags

Use original Bosch vacuum bags for superb reliability, performance and cleaning results

Recommended cookware

Recommended cookware

For best cooking results, we have selected a range which give optimum performance

Replacement spare parts

Replacement spare parts

Browse diagrams of your appliance to locate and buy original replacement spare parts

Cleaning and care

Cleaning and care

Our tested and approved cleaning and care products are safe and effective on Bosch appliances


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