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We all want to be healthy and lead an active lifestyle. However, the pace of modern life can often make it difficult to focus on our personal well-being. That's why we're continuously developing healthy living technologies, like the ones below, that help you maintain a balanced diet by retaining vitamins, prevent harmful substances from forming when cooking, and keep your laundry, dishes and house in general hygienically clean. Discover how Bosch healthy living solutions for home appliances can help to improve your life.

Serie 8 Bosch steam oven built-in to  white kitchen cabinet with veggie burger infront of it placed on a table.

Retain vitamins with steam cooking

Water is the enemy when it comes to nutrient retention during cooking. That's why steaming is one of the best methods for preserving easily damaged nutrients like vitamin C and many B vitamins. Because your vegetables and other foods don't come in contact with cooking water during steaming, more vitamins and minerals are retained – and so is your food's full flavour, with no need to add fat or oil. Our steam ovens are the first choice for people who like healthy eating.

Man standing in a kitchen cooking with two pans on a cooktop with PerfectFry. Fish and meat perfectly cooked.

Prevent harmful substances in fried food

The right temperature is key to achieving healthy and delicious frying results. By finding the right frying temperature for your cooking oil, we help you to prevent any harmful substances from forming, while keeping the delicious crispy results. Thats's why we developed cooktops with PerfectFry to automatically control and regulate the optimal temperature for heating up oil to the precise frying temperature – before you start frying. Frying can also be healthy with Bosch PerfectFry cooktops.

A baby bottle is standing on a baby chair in an eat-in kitchen. The Bosch PerfectDry dishwasher with the door slightly open is next to the chair.

Hygienic cleaning with HygienePlus dishwashers

When your family has higher hygiene requirements, your dishes need to be more than just “clean.” Our Bosch dishwashers with HygienePlus increase the rinse temperature to remove residual germs and bacteria to ensure hygienically clean results. Deep cleaning for your family’s health and your peace of mind.

Women sitting infront of a Bosch washing mashine with AllergyPlus pulling on sweater where a dog was lying on.

Hygienic washing with AllergyPlus washing machines

Sometimes clean just isn't clean enough. That’s why keeping your laundry hygienically clean is a top priority for us, and it's why we developed our washing machines with the AllergyPlus.

* Bosch washing machines with the ‘AllergyPlus’ wash program at 40° and 60° fulfill scientifically recommended conditions for 99,99% of germ reduction for Enterococcus Hirae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, according to Honisch et al. 2014, "Impact of wash cycle time, temperature and detergent formulation on the hygiene effectiveness of domestic laundering.” Conducted by University Rhine-Waal.

Man standing in living room with Bosch Unlimited Serie 8 cordless vacuum cleaner in his hand. Cortless vacuum cleaner is sucking in a dog bowl. Baby is crowling in front of him on the floor trying to get the dog bowl.

360° hygienic cleaning with the Unlimited

You no longer need different devices to clean different parts of your home. The Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner brings the flexibility and the accessories you need to clean all kinds of flooring like tile, parquet or carpets as well as other areas including tables, cupboards, upholstery, and even the ceiling. It's also perfect for vacuuming your car. Thanks to the RotationClean System the cartridge filter can be hygienically cleaned and due to the filter’s PureAir Membrane, the exhaust air is cleaner than the room air.*

*Tested in accordance with DIN EN 60312-1:2017.


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