PerfectDry dishwashers

Perfect Dry washing machines by Bosch

The dishdryer among dishwashers

Blue plate with PerfectDry

A dishwasher that dries as perfectly as it cleans, even on plastics.

PerfectDry is a clever function which saves energy by using natural minerals in our Zeolith technology - unique to Bosch - to dry everything to perfection.

And we do mean everything - plates, pans, glasses and even plastic items. All lunchboxes and containers will be perfectly dry and cupboard ready, so you'll never have to pick up a tea towel to finish the job again.

* Bosch is the number 1 brand worldwide for dishwashers. Source: Euromonitor, volume sales, 2019.

Discover how PerfectDry works.

Discover how PerfectDry works

Very good dishwasher

Great dishwasher, i own it for 4 years already and haven't had any problems.

Serie 2

Great dish washer really happy with it. Very silent and dose Great job

Best Ever

Been using it for 3 years . very smoth & easy to use, make very little noise


The "Perfect Dry" system is not all it is cracked up to be. While it's good, it is anything but PERFECT. Still using a teatowel on the plastic lads. Could this claim come under false advertising?


When i open the door the whole machine slides out from under the worktop. Needs gripping feet for tiles

Great product

I've had this Bosch Dishwasher for over 2 years and I am very happy with it.

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