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it really is quiet!

Our washing machine of 15 years gave up the ghost so we bought this to replace it last month. I would really recommend this machine. great features - eco, extra rinses (for allergy peeps!), automatic dosing of detergent, speed function, delayed timer start but best of all ITS WAY QUIETER! Now, we have a small L shaped kitchen come diner come living area and before we could never put the washing on around or after dinner time. this has changed everything.... granted its still a washing machine and still sounds like a washing machine but now we can hear the tv at a normal level!!! If we have people over or are cooking dinner and chatting away then you wouldn't even know its on. Love it, hopefully it will last us for many years to come.


This machine does its job very well. But the identical machine I bought two years and two months ago failed shortly after purchase and finally failed last week, hence the need to purchase a new machine. I have serious doubts about the long liverty of these units!

Wonderful oven that has given me peace of mind!

I have to say this oven is fantastic. I bought this for my new kitchen, it has been put into a custom cabinette. It was very easy to instal and there is no heat radiated out to the sides. I feel safe in saying that the food I have stored in the next door over will be fine. The feature I like is that you can program how long you want the oven to be on for and even tell it what time to turn on. I personally find this gives me peace of mind. I am on medication that makes my mind fuzzy. I have in the past had alarms on my phone and near the kitchen so I remember to check. Now it isn't a worry. I can set the time and know it will turn off. Using the preheat function is changing how I cook. In my old oven it was just a lil light to say when it was preheated... and no one bothered to wait for that. You preheat and when it gets to the set temp it will beep. You can then pop the food in, set the duration and you are all set! The grill function or grill and convection option is insanely good! Like keep an eye on it, I literally have a stool nearby because it is so fast! Overall the entire thing is amazing. I have had it for 6 weeks and I am very happy. I would stay with Bosch after this purchase.

great features

very happy with the dishwasher, delighted with wash time display, and it gives a great clean

Great oven

Simple easy to use, quick heat up but can put out a fair breeze compare to my other Bosch oven.

Excellent hob

I have this hob for a few month now and I am very happy with it. It has what I was looking for and what is increasingly difficult to find: 1) rings well spaced from each other so that the pots and pans fit and don't push each other out of place and 2) knobs (not touch) controls, which turn continuously (not in steps). Also it looks great and is easy to clean. the only small minus is that the knobs are impossible to take off for cleaning (I think they are supposed to come off but I can't pull them off). And a thing to improve would be the fitting kit. I was told it was rather awkward to fit into our standard worktop. I


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