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Oven Symbols and Function Guide

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What do the icons on your oven mean?

All modern ovens now come with a number of symbols and functions, some of which you may not be familiar with. Generally these symbols can be seen on a range of manufactures so it is useful to make some sense of them, whatever kind of cook you are. As a global leader in home appliances, we know a thing or two about ovens and there many symbols, ensuring the right function is used will guarantee the best cooking results and create delicious meals time after time.

To help make your life easier this Bosch oven symbols guide covers a range of oven symbols from grilling to cleaning, helping save you time and effort when cooking.

Symbols for cooking
4D Hot Air Bosch oven symbol

4D Hot Air

Place your food on any of the four shelfs to achieve consistently perfect results: thanks to the fan wheel that changes direction of rotation during operation to distribute heat evenly on every level.

3D Hot Air Bosch oven symbol

3D Hot Air

By maintaining the right temperature across all three shelf levels consistently even cooking results are achieved.

Top and bottom heat Bosch oven symbol

Top and bottom heat

Conventional baking and roasting on one level.

Top and bottom heat gentle Bosch oven symbol

Top/Bottom heat gentle

Conventional baking and roasting on one level using residual heat, allowing you to gently cook meat, fish and baked items.

Pizza setting Bosch oven symbol

Pizza setting

Create authentic pizzas with crisp bases and moist toppings. Also great for quiches, tarts and frozen foods.

bottom heat Bosch oven symbol

Bottom heat

Only the bottom element is heated – ideal for pastry cases, bain-marie cooking and reheating.

added steam Bosch oven symbol

Added Steam

Produces succulent roasts, with juicy meats and crispy skins, as well as breads with the perfect colour and crust.

Hot air eco oven symbol

Hotair Gentle

For all those times you cook using just one shelf level, Hotair Gentle gives perfect results.

Symbols for grilling
Hot air grilling Bosch oven symbol

Hotair grilling

By operating alternatively, the grill and fan create a rotisserie effect, perfect for creating crisp meats and poultry.

cook half width variable grill Bosch oven symbol

Centre Grill

Use the centre grill for smaller quantities and more efficiency.

Variable full width grill Bosch oven symbol

Full width variable grill

Grill large quantities with ease thanks to the precise temperature control. For added efficiency the door can be closed and the smells are kept in the oven.

Symbols for saving time and convenience
Defrost Bosch oven symbol


Gently defrosts food evenly and quicker than it would take on the kitchen counter.

Fast preheat oven symbol

Fast heat

For those times when you need your food ready more quickly, select fast heat to warm the oven faster.

Meat probe oven symbol

Single point probe

The single point meat probe constantly measures the temperature at the core of the roast and as soon as the desired temperature is reached gives an acoustic and switches off automatically. (Available in selected Serie 6 models only)

meat probe oven symbol

Perfect Roast Meat probe

Three highly sensitive measuring points determine the core temperature of your food to the exact degree, guaranteeing perfect roasting results and taking away the guesswork. (Available in selected Serie 8 models only)

Symbols for cleaning
 Pyrolytic cleaning Bosch oven symbol

Pyrolytic cleaning

Heats the oven to around 480°C, which reduces dirt and grease deposits to dust that can be easily wiped away.

ecoclean Bosch oven symbol

EcoClean Direct

Almost no cleaning is necessary thanks to a special coating of the rear wall that automatically absorbs grime.

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