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A dishwasher that uses natural minerals for drying your dishes, a smart washing machine that knows the precise dosing, a fridge with optimum cooling zones to keep your food fresher for longer, a dryer that re-uses warm air to dry clothes more efficiently. Around the world, we're working on innovative and efficient solutions like these to help you save water and energy and reduce food waste. Not forgetting the importance of durability, we provide quality assured testing to give you peace of mind that your appliances will be long lasting and reliable. Discover how Bosch can make your life more relaxed and sustainable.

Bosch washing machine with i-Dos automatic dosing placed in a laundry room. Cabinets next to the efficient washing machine with cactus showing a peace sign placed on the cabinet.

Save water with i-DOS washing machines

Do your laundry in the most efficient way by using an i-DOS Automatic Dosing washing machine that always knows the precise dosing. Fill up the detergent/s and softener chambers, and i-DOS sensors automatically measure the precise amount of detergent and water needed for each load, without refilling. So there's never again too much detergent and unnecessary rinse cycles – and you'll save up to 10 litres of water per cycle*.

*Calculation is based on a mixed load washed at 40°C with 38% manual over-dosing of liquid detergent vs. an automatic dosing appliance with 10 kg and 4D wash system: Investigation WL 1547/19 conducted by WFK Institute for Applied Research, dated 08/2019, and commissioned by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

A woman kneels in front of her PerfectDry Bosch dishwasher, looks into the camera and lets a blue plate casually circling on her index finger of the right hand. The left hand index finger points at the plate and shows how easy it is to clean the dishes and save energy.

Save energy with PerfectDry dishwashers

Our PerfectDry dishwashers use natural Zeolith minerals to save energy while drying even the most demanding dishes perfectly, like plastic ones. The sustainable patented Zeolith drying technology turns the humidity of the cleaning phase into hot air to optimally dry all the dishes.

As a result, our PerfectDry dishwashers use 20% less energy than a non Zeolith dishwasher*. Save energy and say goodbye to drying your dishes by hand.

*Bosch PerfectDry dishwasher with Zeolith technology with an energy consumption of 0,73 kw/h compared with a comparable Bosch dishwasher without Zeolith with an energy consumption of 0,92 kw/h, values per cycle according to EU Regulation No. 2019/2017.

A kitchen with a Bosch freestanding fridge with colorful magnets on the fridge door saying likeabosch and a drawing by Jonas Ekloef.

Keep food fresh for longer with VitaFresh fridges

Fridge freezers with the VitaFresh freshness system offer two different climate zones to keep your food fresh for longer. They can easily be adjusted to the ideal freshness requirements in two settings, maintaining perfect storage conditions independent from the rest of the fridge freezer. The two compartments are ideal for storing fish and meat as well as fruit and vegetables. So you have more fresh food to enjoy and there's less food wasted.

A woman is standing in the kitchen next to her Bosch dishwasher, which is slightly open. Behind her is the sink with the tap, which has a knot.

Save water by using a dishwasher

It's time to save water by doing your dishes fully automatically. Our Bosch dishwashers only use about 9,5 litres of water, and they clean dishes perfectly because they reach higher temperatures than hand-washing. Save up to 30.5 litres** of water per cycle compared to washing your dishes under running water with 40 litres. With Bosch dishwashers, you can save up to 8,500 litres*** of water per year, for a more sustainable lifestyle.

**Based on 9.5-litre dishwasher consumption. Values can differ between models and brands
*** Internal research based on comparing washing dishes with a dishwasher versus hand-washing. 40 litres (manual washing) - 9,5 litres (with dishwasher), 8.500-litre saving calculation is based on 280 cycles per year.

A man standing in a laundry room with a Bosch heatpump dryer. Smiling because the energy efficient heat hump dryer saves energy thanks to the most efficient energy label which is also drawn on his jumper.

Save energy with heat pump dryers

Our Bosch heat pump dryers offer the most efficient drying technology and the greatest convenience. The efficient heat pump drying technology re-uses the warm air to continue drying clothes. While other dryers lose efficiency cycle after cycle if the lint isn't cleaned manually after every load, our Bosch heat pump dryers with SelfCleaning condenser or AutoClean technologies remove the lint from the condenser automatically to maintain its low energy consumption cycle after cycle.


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