Bosch Self Cleaning Ovens

Bosch pyrolytic oven with automatic self-cleaning system

Why waste time cleaning your oven? Let it clean itself.

Cleaning your oven can be a tough job and isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. But there’s no need to spend hours on your hands and knees scraping away anymore. At Bosch, we’ve made sure you have more time to do the things you love by creating ovens that clean themselves. They do all the hard work while you get on with life.

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Simple Self-Cleaning: Pyrolytic Ovens

When it comes to engineering an oven, we understand what you really want and need. That’s why we’ve created a built in oven that gets rid of splashes and stains for you. The smart pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle heats the oven to 480°c. This temperature turns any dirt inside the oven to ash, which you can just wipe away when the oven cools. Easy.

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Fighting grease for you: EcoClean Direct Ovens

The interior walls of an EcoClean oven are coated with micro fine ceramic spheres to breaks down grease spatters. Saving you time and energy, this special coating is guaranteed to last the life of your oven. So, whether you choose an EcoClean oven, or decide to add top and side parts to your oven at a later date, you can say goodbye to scrubbing the oven clean.

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