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We have a best buy page for most of our categories to make the selection process easier for you. We include key information about 3 of our best models, including product information that is important for you to know. Key features within the category are also explained so you are aware of the benefits to you and your lifestyle. We have a 'buy online' option to buy from us, alongside a dealer locator option if you would like to go to a retailer.

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If you would like to understand more about what to consider when purchasing an appliance, we have created some handy buying guides to hopefully give you the detailed information you may need alongside our frequently asked questions.

bosch innovations

Discover our latest innovations.

Learn all about the latest technologies and innovations that help make Bosch appliances so efficient and easy-to-use. We explain by category our most important innovations and how they can benefit you so you can keep up to date.

older models

Interested in an older model?

While the names of our products may have changed over the years, you can still enjoy the same high quality of engineering that you come to expect from Bosch with our new Serie ranges.

2 Year Warranty

All of our appliances are supplied with a two year manufacturer's warranty as standard, and you have the option to extend this to a total of five years on selected appliances with the Bosch extended warranty, for added peace of mind.

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Bosch Genuine Service

With more than 340 engineers across the UK, all employed and trained by Bosch, our engineers have unrivalled knowledge in repairing our appliances. Each team member goes through over 400 hours of training before attending customer call outs, all for your peace of mind.

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Using Your Appliance

Get the most out of your appliance with our handy guide to symbols, settings and FAQs.

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