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The hardest thing about cooking will be your shopping list.

Because you already have your hands full when you're cooking, we've added plenty of convenient functions so that you don't have to lift a finger too much.

What is the difference between hobs and separate hobs?

Hob meets cooker

Hobs can be installed in combination with a cooker. The hob is then controlled via the cooker operating unit.

Separate hobs

A separate hob has its own operating element, its own mains connection and can thus be integrated into a worktop completely independently of the oven.

What forms of heat are available for independent hobs?


Induction hobs only generate heat where it is actually needed – directly underneath the pan. This improves energy efficiency and allows things to be brought to the boil faster. Overcooked foods no longer burn on.


When you cook with gas, heat is created by an open flame. The heat is transmitted directly to the base of the pan. To be able to use gas hobs, your kitchen must be connected to the gas supply.


Electric hobs, such as ceramic hobs, transmit heat via a heating coil to the ceramic plate, which then warms the bottom of the pan.

Which widths are available for hobs?

Hobs are available in 60, 70 and 80 cm widths.

Which widths are available for separate hobs?

Separate hobs are available in widths of 30, 40, 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm.

What can I combine my hob with?

You can combine your hob with a Domino element, e.g. a Teppan Yaki, lava grill or additional wok burner.

Teppan Yaki

The large 40 cm wide stainless steel hotplate can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen so that you can bring Japanese cuisine into your home.

Lava grill

The 30 cm wide lava grill allows you to barbecue your food right in the kitchen.

Wok burner

Your hob can be combined perfectly with a wok burner, which is well known from Asian cooking.

What needs to be replaced if the hob is faulty but the cooker is still working?

If only the hob is faulty and the cooker installed underneath it is still working, a separate hob can be installed. If the cooker stops working later, it can be replaced with an oven. Bosch Customer Service can supply you with the necessary double cooker connection socket. In this case, ask your specialist dealer whether the new appliance can be combined with the old cooker.


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