Bosch microwaves: Full enjoyment in just a short time.

Bosch microwave ovens save time and energy when cooking. Preparing small portions in particular is much quicker and more economical with a microwave than with a conventional oven, and frozen foods thaw out in minutes instead of hours. Whether you need to heat up a cup of tea or bake your pizza with the grill function, a Bosch microwave saves you time.

An oven that can truly multitask.

Our oven with microwave is a multi-talented appliance which allows you to combine classic heating methods with the practical functions of a microwave.

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Cooking at eye level: Built-in microwaves.

Our built-in microwaves can easily be installed in a tall cupboard or wall unit at eye level. That way, you can always keep an eye on your breakfast croissants and hardly need to lift a finger, let alone bend down.

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Microwave technology.

Traditional vs. inverter technology: How do our products work?

Can’t decide which compact appliance you want? Click below for more information about how our different appliances use innovative technology to cook your food.

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Unlimited cooking pleasure: Our free-standing microwaves.

In addition to offering you fast food preparation at the press of a button, the classic type of microwave also has the advantage that you can put the microwave anywhere you like.

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Our microwaves: For gourmets in a hurry.

A microwave is the perfect choice if things need to happen fast. If you need to heat up a cup of tea, bake your pizza with the grill function or thaw out frozen food. It saves you lots of time in later food preparation too. Of course you can also use a microwave for bigger containers and larger food items.


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