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i-Dos Reviews

"Loads of features, great build quality and uper quiet. Overall fantastic product!"

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The perfect dose every time.

See below for reviews on the clever Bosch i-DOS washing machines.

Not only do our customers find it easy to use, they love the fact that i-DOS washing machines automatically sense exactly how much detergent to use. Sensors inside the washing machine detect the type of fabric, the load volume and the degree of soiling, and adjusts the detergent to the optimum dose accordingly. Never too little, never too much, the best results are always achieved whilst saving detergent and water.

*For major domestic appliances. Source: Euromonitor, volume sales, 2016.

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What people are saying about the i-DOS washing machine WAT28660GB

“The intelligent dosing system means you never have to guess the amount of detergent that goes into the machine, as it does it automatically”


“loads of features, great build quality and super quiet. Overall fantastic product!”

Benny Boy

i-DOS washing machine explained.

Choose the right i-DOS washing machine for you.

Energy efficiency A+++ -30% (30%) more efficient than the top of class) A+++ -30% (30%) more efficient than the top of class)
Spin speed 1400 rpm 1400 rpm
Washing/spinning noise level 47dB (A) / 71dB (A) 49dB (A) / 74dB (A)
Special features i-DOS automatic dosing, Home Connect remote operation via smartphone or tablet, VarioPerfect™ – choose to save time or save energy, WaveDrum™ gentle washing, EcoBar Plus – consumption indication to show energy and water use. i-DOS automatic dosing, VarioPerfect™ – choose to save time or save energy, WaveDrum™ gentle washing, DirectSelect illuminated control dial.
Motor EcoSilence Drive™: extremely efficient and quiet, with a ten-year warranty. EcoSilence Drive™: extremely efficient and quiet, with a ten-year warranty.
To Serie 8 i-DOS washing machine. To Serie 6 i-DOS washing machine.

Now you can use the exact amount of detergent, completely automatically, with i-DOS from Bosch.

Too much.

Using too much detergent – even by a little – leads to significantly higher water and energy consumption when washing. Visible detergent residues can be left on clothing, which can trigger skin irritation and allergies.

Too little.

Using too little detergent can lead to poorer washing results. Stains won’t be completely removed and will be left on the clothes permanently. Insufficient detergent can also result in discolorations and unpleasant odours.

How convenient.

For perfect washing results every time, just add in your laundry, start the automatic programme – and relax. The clever i-DOS washing machines from Bosch determine how much detergent to use based on how dirty your load is and how hard the water is. There’s also a second tray for fabric conditioner so you can add detergent manually if you ever need to.


i-DOS doses each load with millilitre precision which helps you make a host of savings. Up to 7,000 of litres of water can be saved each year by cutting overdosing and extra rinsing. It also slashes the average cycle time by 14 minutes. And, of course, it delivers outstanding results with every wash.

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