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A long-lasting Bosch freezer provides ample storage space for frozen foods, making mealtime easier and more convenient.

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Designed to make life and mealtime more enjoyable, a Bosch freezer is a welcome addition to any home. Thanks to No Frost (on selected models), you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. Plus, the Easy Access Zone makes it easy to store and access large items while Automatic Super Freeze allows you to quickly freeze any frozen shopping.

Our top freezer features.

Goodbye, defrosting!
Fast Freeze.
Easy access.
Space for large items.
Easy ice making.
Fits your kitchen.

Our American Style / Multi Doors: big enough for any celebration

American Style / Multi Doors give you both easy day-to-day organisation, and extra space for special occasions. A great choice if you are looking for XXL width, flexible shelves and a range of smart compartments.

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Know this before buying a freezer.

Energy consumption

Because they run without interruption, investing in a low-energy freezer is always a good idea. Our most energy-efficient models achieve an excellent rating of C, according to the new EU energy label.

Consider capacity.

The right freezer size depends on your space and needs. Batch cook and freeze meals? Get a large capacity freezer. Got a fridge freezer as well? A small, space-saving freezer might suffice. For easy comparability, freezer capacity is measured in litres.

Flexible layout.

Transparent freezer drawers organise foods in a tidy way and can be easily removed should you need to store large items. Open shelves let you quickly grab your favourites. For flexible storage for the long haul.

Less food waste.

Did you know a freezer can help your household waste less food? Simply pop leftovers in the freezer and enjoy another day. In addition to helping reduce food waste, freezing food can be kind to your grocery budget as well.

Freezers series at a glance.

Our freezers are categorised in series to help you find the best model for your needs. The rule of thumb: the higher the series, the more high-end features it contains.

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